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Why I do this, your reason to help

April 11, 2017

For Children with special needs, for them to participate in activities that not only allow them to enjoy and function in the world they are restricted by, but the skills for them to develop as they get older is important.   There is so much in technology and advances in healthcare, what I have seen at Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore, John Hopkins, the Shriners Hospital, to name a few.  


Problem is, adaptive equipment and well being disabled, is expensive, and what is not fair often ignored and not covered by insurance,  I know first hand in dealing with my son Bryce who is 11, if for example, Bryce grows, needs a new wheel chair,, Insurance can deny paying for a new wheelchair because " We just covered one 3 years ago and our age average says he is not due for another until he is 13"  I kid you not.  Many children require adaptations to equipment, if not a wheel chair, then braces, or crutches, all sorts of things you would not think about.  Some of my peeps, Beckler's, Quintero's, Paulus's, Oberst's, Calhoun's etc, families I have come across with Children that have special needs know what I am talking about.


While these equipment adaptations are medically needed, insurance will go with "policy" or "not proven" and just flat out deny them just because,, because it is their policy to deny, to be blunt, insurance deny's special needs.  Am I Lying!! Nope!!  Parents then have to choose between constantly carrying an ever growing child or making them use equipment they have outgrown but medically is actually doing them more harm because it is to small or old to use.  


It is a constant battle, if a child with special needs, has a safety wheel break on a wheel chair, I kid you not, a person from say National Seating and Mobility will come out, take all the information, (not bring a replacement wheel might i add) and then "submit to insurance" 2-3-4 month's can go by, National Seating and Mobility will never call you they are horrible and treat the customer like a paper clip in a box of a thousand, you will have to call them, maybe, maybe you might get a return call a few weeks to a month later and they will tell you.  "insurance denied it" or "still waiting on insurance" (which really mean national seating and mobility has not followed up)  A wheel, for a Wheelchair, month's to get and that is if, IF insurance finally accepts the claim.  


It is obviously a critical part needed, but ignored so you have to out of pocket pay for it, let me tell you it is way more expensive for that than a replacement tire on a Trek Road Bike.  Smaller but, they charge you triple for it.  You break a headlight on your car, take it to the dealer and bam, same day, maybe overnight, all fixed and insurance for that doesn't blink an eye on your claim.  You break your safety belt on a wheel chair or adaptive stroller Man-O-Man you might as well get a bungee cord out and try and make do as you wait for month's on end for "insurance" to maybe allow you to get a new one.


This is one of the reasons to " Be The Reason For A Smile" on June 10, 2017,  lets see what we can do so we can help, so Children and Families with special needs, can do what we all take for granted, to just function with no hassles.  



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