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Stop Staring, Be a Part Of Action

January 16, 2018

January 27th is less than 2 weeks away, Im glad I took this mission on a few years ago, instead of staring and thinking how good it would be if, how nice it would be if, how wonderful if.  

I stopped staring & stepped into it and have brought you and many more each and every year with me.  Being a part of Action is not easy.  We together are going to have to become the conscience of our children if we are to have any meaning in this world.  Let Music Be The Reason For A Smile is a part of the Action, a one night only Music Festival Fundraiser to help Children with Special Needs.  

Thanks to the bands coming in to perform, Prone To Sorrow, 5Th Gear, Still + Storm, Carolinas and Burst & Bloom for setting a night aside and being a part of this amazing night




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